15 May 2015

Embassy of Malta celebrates Europe Day

The Embassy of Malta in Washington celebrated Europe Day on the 9th of May by opening its doors to the public as part of the EU Open House event. 

This year the Ambassador HE Marisa Micallef organised a cultural event about Malta’s rich treasure of archives with the support of the Malta Study Centre in Minnesota and the collaboration of the Honorary Consul General Mr. Joseph Micallef.

Dr. Daniel Gullo of the Malta Study Centre of the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library curated an exhibit showcasing the history of the Maltese archives and the preservation work of the Malta Study Centre. The exhibit included several illustrated panels describing the rich archival heritage of Malta, including the major repositories of the Cathedral Archives, National Archives, Notarial Archives, the Archives of the Order of Malta held in the National Library, and the Olof Gollcher Archives at the Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum.  

The event offered the Malta Study Centre a unique opportunity to highlight the rich manuscript history of Malta and its archives to members of the E.U. and U.S. visitors to the embassy in preparation for Valletta being the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018.

The Delegation of the European Union and the Embassies of 28 EU Member States to the United States open their doors to the Washington public during this annual event which has become the highlight of the city’s May cultural calendar.  On this day, the public is offered a rare look inside the Embassy buildings and is provided with a unique opportunity to experience the countries’ cultural heritage and national traditions.

More than 1,000 visitors experienced Maltese hospitality first hand as they were welcomed into the Maltese Embassy with a taste of homemade ‘qagħaq tal-ġunġlen’ (sesame rings), ‘torta tat-tamal’ (date cake) and refreshments made by the Embassy’s own housekeeper.  

The Embassy’s staff answered questions about Maltese history, language, culture, economy and way of life, and distributed promotional material on Malta .Videos of Malta’s many attractions and scenic landscapes were shown throughout the day.  While some of those visiting the Embassy had already visited and fallen in love with the islands, others were eager to experience Malta for the first time and sought information on travelling to and visiting Malta. 

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