27 September 2013

Members Unanimously Approve Changes To Stars And Stripes Malta Statute

All registered members of SASM have been asked to indicate whether they want to make fundamental changes to how our not-for-profit organisation functions. The most important change was the introduction of a new Article to our Statute which ensures that every committee member comes up for election every 4 years. It also gives opportunity for aspiring members to come forward and offer their service to SASM as committee members. Members unanimously approved these changes and very soon we will kick off the election process targeted for November.

How to conduct a fair election was one the major issues that had to be dealt with. The global distribution of members required a setup that would be easily accessible by everyone. Since all members have an email address and access to the internet, the committee felt that the most cost-effective solution would be to use an online voting system.

The voting system had to meet certain critical conditions that ensured that elections would be guaranteed fair and that all those who either presented themselves as candidates or who voted would be assured that rigging of the system would be out of the question.

After considerable searching all over the Internet, the solution selected was the one produced by QuestionPro Inc of Seattle, Washington (http://www.QuestionPro.com). Their solution had functions that ensured that the vote would be done securely, ballot stuffing was not possible and that only registered members could participate. Each member received a unique password that only worked with his/her email address. Once the vote was cast the member could not cast his vote again. Another plus for the QuestionPro guys was their online help. Every time we came across a hurdle, a human being was a few clicks away with a solution.

Another cool feature of QuestionPro that made life a lot easier was the ability to control the time the electronic voting boot opened and when it shut.

The committee would like to say a big thank you to all members who voted.

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