13 August 2013

Improving US Entry Process

US Travel Association is a non-profit organization representing all components of the travel industry. According to this organization, the national and international travel industry generates $1.9 trillion in economic output and supports 14.4 million jobs.

US Travel has setup a website at http://www.travelersvoice.org/ to lobby the Congress to make the visitor entry process into the US simpler and more efficient. This can be achieved by employing more people and by investing in technology that will  make the process of entering the USA quicker.

According to surveys conducted by this organisation:

  • One in seven overseas travellers missed a connection because of long delays at customs;
  • 100 million overseas travellers are away of the negative experience of others from the inefficient customs and entry process;
  • Almost 50% of overseas business travels won't visit the Us because of the cumbersome entry process.
If you are a US citizen and would like lobby to make the processes more efficient go to http://www.travelersvoice.org/. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Contact Congress button in the Get Involved section.

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