10 July 2013

SASM 3rd Independence Day dinner

SASM 3rd Independence Day dinner that was held, for the third time, at Ta’ Kenuna Bar and Restaurant in Nadur Gozo. There were many individuals who attended for the first time. This is very encouraging.


Committee members John Mizzi, Joe Meilak, Joyce Grech and Alan Bonnici together with Mona Vella-Nicholas arrived at the venue before to decorate the place and turn the restaurant into a little bit of the USA. We will let those looking at the photos judge whether we achieved our goal. As in the past, the proceedings kicked off with the singing of the Maltese and US National Anthems. After that the food started being served. In the background, US songs for the occasion could, at times, be heard over the chatter and laughter of those attending.

President Alan Bonnici interrupted dessert. In his short speech he thanked all those who had attended as well as those SASM members who, while not present, take an interest in the organization. He stressed that SASM is by members for members and that the occasional email of encouragement from a member would energise the committee to keep going. He also thanked the committee members who volunteer their time to improve and promote SASM. SASM is a not-for-profit organization that thrives on the input of its members and offers services and support to all those who have at heart the continued good relations between Malta and the USA.

Joyce Grech then became the master of ceremonies for the raffle part of the event. A young attendee was selected from the audience (we have a few shy volunteers who refused to be the centre of attention) to pick out the raffle tickets. Thanks to our sponsors many of those attending walk away with a prize.

At the end, those who live in Gozo drove or walked home while those who came from Malta headed for the ferry. Those attendees living in the USA continued their holiday.

Stars and Stripes Malta would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for helping out:


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