24 September 2012

Anatomy of Presidential Vote

Voting in a US Election cannot be simpler; just fill in the oval next to (or above) the person who you would like to vote for.You can do so in blue or black ink or in pencil. In US elections you also have the option of voting for a person whose name is not printed on the ballot. There is space on the last column of the ballot. In this case you would write or stamp the person's name and fill in the oval in the blank space at the right end of the row in which appears the title of the office.

Besides voting for the President you may optionally vote for the Senator as well as the Representative in Congress. The Senator and Congress Representative will vary depending on the State you are registered at. The names shown here are for those who are registered in New York.

As with almost all ballots, any other mark or writing as well as any erasure made on the ballot outside the voting ovals or blank spaces provided for voting will void this entire ballot.

Members of Stars And Stripes Malta can avail themselves of the free service provided by either the US Embassy or SASM.

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