20 May 2012

4th of July / SASM annual get together

As all of you know our committee is split between the Maltese islands and the east and west coast of the USA. Our normal day to day activities are only possible thanks to technology. This year whilst planning our annual 4th of July celebrations we learnt that both Louis and John will be in Malta a few weeks after this national holiday. A dilemma arose on whether we should remain faithful (or as faithful as possible) to the 4th or whether we should shift this occasion to a date when the entire committee could attend. We decided for the latter as this gives all those who attend to get the rare opportunity to meet SASM’s committee in its entirety.

In order to make this happen we have set SASM’s annual get together to Friday August 3rd.  As was the case last year we will be holding this event at Ta’Kenuna in Nadur. Given this special occasion we will working triply hard to make sure everyone who attends has a great time with prizes and loads of fund for kids and adults alike.

If you  have any comments or suggestions how to make this a special night then drop us a note. Joyce Grech, our hard working PRO is the person organising this event. Address your suggestions to her on joyce.a.grech@gov.mt. If you would like to lend a hand with the organisation of this event contact her.

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