16 June 2011

Notice to all Organisations that publish electronic periodicals aimed at Maltese communities living abroad

Following the survey held by Stars and Stripes Malta (SASM), we would like to inform all those persons and organisations who publish periodicals aimed at Maltese who live outside of Malta that they may avail themselves of the notification service being offered by SASM.

In order to qualify for this service, the publisher / editor should send an email to info@StarsAndStripesMalta.com with the following information:
  • Name of Publication
  • Publisher / Editor (The person or group behind the publication)
  • Frequency (If the publication is not regular please specify ad-hoc)
  • Content: Maltese / English / Both
  • Format; HTML / PDF / Audio / Other (please specify)
  • The web address where people can view past issues (specify N/A is this facility is not provided).
  • One paragraph to summarise what the publication is all about, the target audience, and any other message you would like to include.
SASM is willing to make available to select publications archive storage facilities for past issues. This will allow visitors to view past issues. Anyone wishing to avail themselves of this service should apply by including their request in the email. Unless the publication is a new one, two past issues are to be attached to the email.

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