11 February 2010

Superbowl Review

The big game of the year has come and gone, but alas it wasn’t what many of us were expecting, in fact it was a bit predictable. Two high powered offenses squaring off against one another, and yet two totally different styles; the flash and trickery of the Saints squaring off against the proven pass happy Colts. It was only a matter of time until they got their feet under them and the points began to rain down. Sure enough in the second half the points began to accumulate, as well as the lone surprise coming with the onsides kick by the Saints to start the half, which they did recover. But it felt…different; there were no big flashy offensive plays, no Running back breaking it for a long exciting scamper down the sidelines, no Quarterback hitting a deep receiver for a huge gain. Rather the scoring came on methodical yet efficient drives.

Then it happened, the big play of the game. The interception returned for a touchdown, and it was big and flashy but sitting at home I had a different feeling, it wasn’t elation at a big play finally but rather it was a feeling that this was scripted. Perhaps one would say it felt like it was destiny. Maybe Peyton Manning knew that too, judging by the way he walked off the field, he looked like he knew he was a part of something bigger than himself. And honestly, how could the Saints not win the Superbowl? How could they make it all the way to their first ever title game and then flop on the biggest stage when they represent all that is good about New Orleans? They couldn’t. And though each person may have had an individual pulling interest, everyone deep down knew how the game would end before it started and maybe, just maybe, that is why it wasn’t the most exciting Superbowl because the hearts of America had picked the winner years ago when a city was devastated.

Overall, it was a clean and good game to watch. In fact it was everything good about football. The commercials were average this year, nothing made me laugh very hard but maybe that’s a good thing too, maybe it is time to start focusing back on what the day is, a day for football not commercials. For the sake of this blog, I’ll add that the Superbowl is truly a day where everyone in America comes together, regardless of where you are from. Enjoying the game with friends in a college town amplifies this. Sitting around our table, with chips and beers in hand, were two Brazilians, a Canadian, a Frenchman, a Peruvian and kids from around the cities and farms of the American Midwest. It was a great sight and I reflected on it, even if only for a moment, before going back to snacking and screaming at the television.

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